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About us

F5 Advertainment, a company that’s inspired by a refresh button (F5) on the keyboard is made up of passionate people who have been injecting freshness into every thing they do since 2006.

From one laptop, one person and one cup of cutting chai, this company has grown leaps and bounds and now consists of 50+ crazy people, vehemently driving their client’s objectives by throwing crazy ideas out there and then striving to turn them into reality.

A one-stop shop for all event requirements, our event-savvy team is a combination of industry stalwarts, who are at the top of their game and young minds, who are adventurous and raring to fly.

Be it elegant or edgy, social or official, we have the ability to turn your vision into a larger than life reality. Check it out for yourself !

Why Are We Different ?


Knowing that F5 is completely dedicated and focused on the highest level of quality, it is rare that a client discusses quality management with us. Assurance at that level is a ‘given’ when working with F5.


Our thirst for innovation always pushes us to look beyond the immediate. We consistently apply advancing technologies to enhance our products and services thus always being ahead in the game.

Excellent Partner Management

Working with strong partners only makes you stronger! Every program or project that we operate on is evaluated on its individual merit. Only superior service re-qualifies each third party vendor or subcontractor.


Our founding principle rests on finding a better and cost effective way to manage our client’s projects, thus saving their time and money

Our Happy Clients